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An Overwhelming Change to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

PROBLEM: Cybersecurity attack on our ERP database crippling our work environment.

In early 2014 Marcus Paint’s network was attacked by ransomware… CryptoLocker to be specific. We had no idea what it was or where it came from at the time, but it slowly crippled our entire ERP/MRP database. We discovered that our backups had failed, and we desperately needed help. We found Mirazon and on a handshake, they showed up and quickly went to work to identify the issue(s).

SOLUTION: Partnering with a network company that truly understood the magnitude of our problem and went to work immediately on a resolution.

We met with a principal, engineers, and technicians from Mirazon, who within a few days found the source of the ransomware and a backup to salvage most of our data. Thankfully we only required two weeks’ worth of data to be manually rebuilt.

Once we were back on our feet, Mirazon provided multiple reports illustrating our system’s vulnerabilities. We had various versions of servers, computer hardware, and software… all out of date.

Since 2014 we have put technology a top priority by implementing stringent guidelines:

  • All hardware must be under warranty with no lapses
  • Extend warranties as long as the machine is in good working order and not outdated technology
  • All desktops are replaced with laptops to provide more flexibility should the need arise
  • A schedule for replacing expired items is kept in a way that doesn’t break the bank and accurate budgeting is a must

RESULTS: Marcus Paint was ready for what many in the world didn’t see coming in 2020.

Fast forward to spring 2020 and because of our change in our IT planning we were ahead of the curve for working remotely. Our office staff has equipment that allows us to work from home, and still be connected to the network all while being protected and safe.

We can work anywhere at any time, allowing our customers to feel confident that we have their best interests at heart.

Our following conversation will look back at the progression of software and how the licensing world has changed.

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