The Marcus Way

You aren’t just a customer. Because we aren’t just a paint company.

We’re more than suppliers, we’re consultants. It’s the way we’ve done business since 1853, and we’ll continue to deliver the kind of dedication that can only come from a personal investment in every project.

We solve problems together

We truly believe that strong relationships build superior solutions, and that collaboration always brings the best results. You may think we’re laying it on thick, but work with us just once, and you’ll see just how seriously, and how personally, we take your success.

We've Got You Covered

Service with a higher level of finish

Every need and every material are different, and one solution never covers all. That’s why every solution we provide starts with a detailed, on-site analysis and an extensive personal consultation. We need to make sure our coatings perform to your expectations.

The skill to make whatever it takes

Your success is so important to us, we don’t trust anyone else to manufacture a single drop of our coatings. So every solution we formulate is carefully crafted by our own in-house experts, made with the latest technology and materials, and backed by more than a century of expertise.

Service That Lasts

We remain involved every step of the way, even after your needs are met. Our support is proactive, comprehensive, and continually committed to your ongoing success. We think of you as family, and family likes to keep in touch.

Meet the people

Meet the people who have your every need covered.

Every member of our staff was chosen because we believe they’re the best at what they do. And because we know they all work together to make sure we meet your expectations.


For more than 170 years, we’ve been proud to work harder and think smarter, and we put more effort into every customer than anyone else. We know we build our reputation with every application, just like we’ve done since 1853.

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