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Service for Success

Our consultative Technical Account Managers are invested in your needs and your success before, during, and after the sale.

Unlike many of our competitors, our dedication to service doesn’t end when the order is complete. In fact, that’s when you’ll see our values really come through. 

Your Marcus Paint Technical Account Manager will be available 24/7 from the very beginning, and you’ll have the same point of contact throughout. That way, you’ll always deal with someone that knows your business thoroughly, and is invested in your success. 

You’ll also have a dedicated Customer Service Representative assigned to you who are experts in developing customized inventory solutions and delivery schedules. They can help with warehousing, logistics, and just-in-time delivery, all of which can help lower your costs while increasing your productivity and peace of mind. 

When the project is complete, we’ll keep applying our expertise towards your success with a wide range of Technical and Research & Development initiatives that are tailored specifically for you. Marcus Paint is here to help you overcome challenges, uncover possibilities, and maximize opportunities today and into the future.  

We put more effort into every project because we believe that relationships are more important than any sale. We’re looking to help you for years to come, and we’ll prove that to you every day. 

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