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Thinking Outside the Box: Quality-Training Initiatives

The Problem: 

Every coating solution we develop is based on a detailed, on-site analysis and extensive personal consultation.  For that solution to be successful day-in & day-out, it needs to be supported by documented work instructions that detail the steps needed to use and maintain the coating and application process.  The answer for many years was to provide written work instructions and customer training based on our ISO 9001 Quality System documentation.

This works well when there are only a few people at a customer’s facility responsible for coating management.  But in today’s manufacturing environment, this is often not the case.  Multi-shift operations with workforces that have to respond to changing needs by performing in many roles mean that there is not a ‘paint guy’ any more – a variety of workers can be expected to have that role, and they all need to be familiar with the best practices.

The Solution: 

Working closely with customer’s management and supervisors, we put aside the ‘formal’ documentation of ISO-style work instructions to develop visual training materials that can be used as part of new hire orientation and are formatted in such a way that those training room visuals are reinforced with shop floor posters that have the same look and feel.

But we went further, helping to document other parts of the customer’s manufacturing process so that the training program is seamless in format. Not only that, we have translated the training materials into other languages to make the training more accessible to staff whose native tongue is not English.

The Result: 

Because our team of Sales and Technical Account Managers partner and collaborate in-person, onsite with our customers, we have the knowledge of their process and the insight we need to create effective communications regarding the procedures and practices that will enable them to produce quality product consistently.

It doesn’t stop there. Routine service visits and ongoing interaction with management and floor personnel mean that training effectiveness is monitored and updates to work practices are reflected in training materials at all times.

This is the Marcus Way!

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