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Do You Thoroughly Understand Your Air Permit Requirements?

The Problem:

Virtually every manufacturing facility in the United States has had to, at the very least, register their operation with a governmental air pollution agency at some level: local, regional, state or federal.  There are generally three levels of permits: Title V, FEDOOP and Minor Source or Permit by Rule.  Facilities that have a formal permit with an agency have entered into a binding agreement about what kind of and how much volatile material they can release to the atmosphere from their manufacturing operations over a specified period of time.

When Marcus Paint Company first starts working with potential customers, our experience has been that they have varying degrees of knowledge or awareness about how their coating operations fit into the requirements of their air permit.

One, for example, was fined and put on “probation” for not recognizing that the coating that they were supplied, by another company, did not and had not for years met the requirements of their permit. Another, while knowing that it was crucial to maintain accurate records regarding the use of coating products in their facility, struggled to find a way to do it consistently and routinely.

The Solution: 

Every solution we develop is based on a detailed, on-site analysis and extensive personal consultation. Part of that analysis is to research and document the air emissions permit that the customer is operating under. While most coating companies would just ask the customer or rely on the attributes of the product that the customer uses, we have found instances where the decision maker(s) aren’t familiar with the permit rules nor what can happen if not followed.

We’ve also found a few cases where other coating suppliers have provided products that don’t conform to a customer’s permit constraints. A coatings user should never have to wonder what a permitting agency’s audit of their facility will turn up.

As a Marcus Paint client, we’ll lay it all out for you and you choose the level of detail you’d like to have at hand.    

  • Documentation that your Marcus Paint coating meets your permit requirements? A Given!
  • A report of your calculated emissions on a monthly basis based on your purchases? Can Do!
  • A searchable database allowing us to track and report to you your emissions status based on the usage you report back to us? No Sweat! 
  • A personalized “app” that uses your daily input to provide instant daily / weekly / monthly / annual emissions calculations in format suitable for submission to your permitting agency? Been there, done that! 

The Result:

Although we can’t play the role legally responsible for your emissions, we can certainly educate, assist and report/help you report.

Because our team of Sales and Technical Account Managers partner and collaborate in-person, onsite with our customers, and because we have the knowledge and capability to build and utilize software solutions to provide the level of assurance they require regarding their environmental compliance, our customers are confident that Marcus Paint Company has them covered!

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