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There Are Pros and Cons to Every Solution

Marcus Paint Company touts our philosophy of one client-one product.  Or, in other words we custom formulate to fit the needs of our client.  However, what that doesn’t say is what we’re capable of providing.

We have expertise to provide a wide variety of durable, high performance, environmentally compliant coatings for industrial applications.  We understand there may be several options to solve a problem but only one option that is best to meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

We’ve had potential clients contact us and ask if UV Curable Coatings are right for their product and process.  We don’t give a flat out “yes:” or “no”, or “maybe” without fully understanding the process and expected outcome.

What are some of the pros and cons of switching to a UV Curable Coating?

This list is based on what we’ve experienced in the past and does not necessarily represent every consideration for switching to UV Coatings.


  • UV Curing reaction is instantaneous providing faster process speeds and shorter production lines.  Process and handling are Fast, Fast and Fast.
  • UV is considered a compliant technology – solvent and VOC free.
  • Curing is by polymerization rather than solvent or co-solvent-amine and water evaporation throughout the process.
  • No flammability issues.  
  • Excellent Mar and Abrasion resistance.
  • Single component.  No pot life issues as with other “Fast” catalyzed systems.
  • 100% solids – competitive applied cost versus non-UV cure technologies.
  • System efficiencies under properly controlled environment are around 95%.
  • Heat is not required.  Energy is used only in the curing reaction, not in heating the substrate.
  • Early corrosion and humidity resistance due to immediate cure vs. oxidizing force cure systems which don’t realize their properties for some period of time.


  • Requires a thoroughly clean, dry, dirt & dust free substrate for ultimate performance.  Not compatible with oil, grease and metal working fluids…mill coolants etc.
  • Under-cured coating (due to light outages, diminished output, etc.) will result in under-cured coating surface conditions and will not ever air dry.
  • Irritant warning on container labels.
  • Worker Safety
  • Handlers can experience potential exposure to uncured product.
  • Potential exposure to high intensity UV light radiation.
  • Slight exposure to UV radiation can cause acute, abnormal redness on normal skin tissue.
  • Worker monomer safety.  Cumulative exposure to UV monomers can cause injury.  These type exposures can result in injury and/or skin sensitization.  All UV curable coatings are potential sensitizers.
  • Mercury vapor lamps contain high pressure gas and can explode if not properly handled.  In addition, there is a potential for exposure to mercury as well as severe burns from the extreme temperatures.
  • Short-wavelength UV light produces ozone and can be an irritant to the user.
  • On-going expense for PPE and cleaning materials (solvent, etc.) both from a purchase and disposal cost perspective.
  • High level of preventive maintenance in the curing lamp equipment to maintain efficient cure.

Whether UV Curable or other custom formulated compliant coating, we can contribute to you making the right decision for your required end result. 

We are always considering quality improvement along with cost control and typically before you have a need.  Being proactive is the answer to continuous improvement and no surprises.

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