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Tyler Marcus, Website Spotlight

As the Customer Service/Sales Support Rep, Tyler Marcus oversees the interaction and communication for customer service and sales support activities.  His role crosses into every department and often is the line of communication between customers and internal Production, lab, and R&D staff.  As his name suggests, he is a 6th generation family member working at Marcus!

 The work environment here is fairly fast-paced and that’s an aspect that I really enjoy.  In my role, I change direction quickly and frequently – one minute I’m conversing with customers, the next tracking down missing shipments, finding alternative freight lines, meeting with external supply vendors, and so on.  Juggling multiple things at once keeps me engaged and helps me to stay sharp throughout the day. 

I knew early on during college that I was interested in business as a career. While I didn’t know much about the coatings industry, I knew working here would provide an opportunity to continue the family legacy that began more than 170 years ago.  There’s something special about that and not many family-owned businesses survive this long. I want to be a part of that history progressing into the future. I believe with every workforce generation, there is something new that can be brought to strengthen the business; while I do not know what that is yet, I will be working towards that goal. 

Some of the aspects of working in a small business such as ours allow employees to be involved in various aspects and contribute to solutions.  There’s a great dynamic within our workforce, based on the collective experience and breadth of knowledge each person offers.  We have so many subject matter experts here willing to not only share knowledge but also encourage everyone to develop and learn beyond their current scope of duties. Getting to work with others that are passionate about our work makes such a strong team.   The close-knit nature of our environment provides employees accessibility across departments and positions.  

Outsiders may think of Marcus Paint as just a company that makes paint but it’s more than that in many ways – the level of employees’ dedication to the company’s success, the respect demonstrated by valuing all perspectives, the commitment to our core values –many of which have stood the test of time throughout our long history. It’s about the people, how we stand by each other and I’m proud of the company’s continued commitment to help those who need it – that shows the heart of our leadership. 

Marcus Paint has always stood by its products and services.  We’re able to do so because of employees’ willingness to do whatever it takes to produce quality results every time.  At the end of the day, we are problem solvers – beginning with the customized coatings produced for each customer’s needs, but we go a step further to help customers before and after product delivery to identify issues and refine their processes. We are nothing without our customers, and we have been fortunate enough to partner with some of them for decades.   

For those who haven’t considered a career in this industry, I think some would be surprised by the various paths available through chemistry, supply chain logistics, operations, production, safety, and others.   

What advice can I give to a prospective employee?  Be open to learning, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and understand that mistakes can happen…and everybody spills paint! 

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