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Protecting Galvanized Tube Shapes with Marcus Paint’s Solvent Base Clear Coating 

At Marcus Paint, we understand the importance of custom-formulated coatings that cater to the specific performance and characteristics desired by our customers. With over 170 years of experience as a family-owned business, we prioritize building relationships, respect, and trust with our clients. When it comes to industrial paint manufacturing, we believe in going the extra mile to protect what our customers value.  

Understanding the Customer’s Needs: 
Our customer, a galvanized tube manufacturer, approached us with specific requirements for their coating solution. They were using a liquid solvent-based product and were seeking an alternative coating that would cure more quickly. The finished tubes were stored indoors, and the coating needed to dry and cure rapidly to facilitate bundling. Additionally, the presence of mill coolant inside the tubes and on the bundles posed a challenge, as moisture needed to be allowed to dry naturally within the bundles. With these requirements in mind, we set out to develop a tailored solution. 

The Marcus Paint Approach – The Marcus Way: 
At Marcus Paint, we believe in establishing a strong partnership with our customers. To truly understand their business and challenges, we begin by conducting a comprehensive on-site analysis. This hands-on, eyes-on evaluation of their facility and processes allows us to gain an in-depth understanding of their expectations. We call this approach “The Marcus Way” because it forms the foundation of our relationship with our customers. 

Tailoring the Coating Solution: 
Armed with a deep understanding of our customer’s needs, we initiated the next phase: business analysis. Our team of experienced engineers collaborated closely with the customer’s production and engineering teams. By leveraging our expertise, we identified required deliverables, and set expectations for the desired results. This strategic process ensures that the coating solution aligns perfectly with the customer’s unique requirements and minimizes the risk of future issues. 

The Successful Trial Run: 
With the business analysis complete, we proceeded to conduct a trial run using our solvent-based clear coating for galvanized tubing. The trial involved coating 2″ sized pipes, running at a line speed of 130 ft/min. We meticulously monitored the trial, checking for dry time, cure at bundling, and conducting tests to assess coverage on pre-coated bundles. 

Exceeding Expectations: 
The trial run proved to be a resounding success. Our coating solution met all the customer’s expectations, providing the desired dry time and a reliable cure at bundling. We carefully monitored the Dry Film Thickness (DFT) and ensured uniform coverage on pre-coated bundles through copper sulfate testing. The customer was highly satisfied, stating that our coating ran as well as or even better than their current supplier’s product. 

Building a Long-Term Partnership: 
Impressed with the trial results, the customer was eager to continue the partnership with Marcus Paint. They requested an initial order of three drums of material to meet their production needs for the next few weeks. Furthermore, they expressed their willingness to explore a future switch to a water-based product, and we were more than ready to support them in this endeavor. 

At Marcus Paint, our commitment to understanding and proactively addressing our customers’ unique needs is what sets us apart. Through our strategic approach and expertise, we successfully provided a solvent-based clear coating solution that surpassed our galvanized tube shape manufacturer’s expectations. We are proud to have earned their trust and look forward to supporting their continued success. If you’re seeking a coatings partner who treats you like family and remains focused on your success, we invite you to join the Marcus family today. 

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