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Employee Spotlight at Marcus Paint Company

Halley Michels, Lab Technician II
As a Lab Tech, Halley is responsible for the quality control on production batches, producing prototype lab batches that the chemists have created, and assists in other R&D activities.
Halley has been with Marcus Paint since 02/2021.

What do you find exciting about working at Marcus?
Prior to working here, I never realized what’s required to make paint, so it’s been very interesting to learn how chemicals are used to create different types of coatings. For me, it’s exciting to apply my chemistry knowledge where I can see how my work contributes to the success of our products.

I’m sure you were interviewing with other companies. What drew you to Marcus Paint?
I was drawn to working at Marcus Paint because it’s a small company that offers opportunities for continuous learning, to be part of the team where my ideas are heard, and with a strong focus on quality service.

What do you see as the positive cultural attributes that you enjoy and that you’d like others to know about?
It’s refreshing to work at a company where everyone is approachable and cares about you. The culture is inviting, so it’s easy to feel accepted and build connections here. It values the different employee perspectives to foster new ideas and solutions.

How do you see your efforts contribute to the success of Marcus Paint and its clients?
Marcus Paint is set apart from other paint manufacturers because we focus on the quality of our products to get it right the first time. Our goal is to always deliver the highest level of service – we work for our customers!

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