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Man-Down Radios for Lone Workers and Interoperation Communication

What purpose do man-down radios serve at Marcus Paint Company?

Each of our production crew is equipped with a two-way radio so we can easily communicate with and locate each other without stopping our current activity. Situations, where these radios are needed, include but aren’t limited to needing raw material brought to your location, assistance with a task that requires another person, emergencies, etc. Due to the conditions, our production crew occasionally endure (weather, wet working conditions, physical exertion, working with heavy machinery) our radios have features such as waterproofing and a man-down alert in case an employee is rendered unconscious and working by themselves.

The Motorola xpr7350e two-way radios our employees carry offer features such as:

  • 21 hours of battery life (so your radio should never die mid-shift)
  • IP68 water and dustproof (working amongst powders and various liquids this is a must)
  • 1-3 Mile range when outside
  • 25-30 floor range while inside (more than capable of keeping our crew in contact with each other throughout the day
  • Integrated accelerometer for optional Man Down

What is the man-down feature?

Our employees frequently work independently of each other, often in opposite areas of the plant. This makes the man-down option one of the most important features of our radios. This feature prompts an emergency to be raised if there is no user activity, such as any radio button press or activation of the channel selector, for a predefined time. Following no user activity for a programmed duration (for example if the radio is not upright because an employee is unconscious, this alarm will sound), the radio pre-warns the user via an audio indicator once the inactivity timer expires. If there is still no acknowledgment by the user before the predefined reminder timer expires, the radio initiates an emergency condition as programmed by the dealer or system administrator. This feature is optional so it can be turned off when working with another person or employee is going to be sitting still for an extended period.

Safely producing a quality product is the top priority at Marcus Paint Company, with these radio’s safety features the task is made much more manageable.

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