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The Yellow Paint Problem: A harder working product for Hard working customers 

The Problem:

Marcus Paint was recently faced with a challenge for one of its customers. There was a quick deadline that needed to be met and we were asked to improve hiding as well as overall performance for a Water-Based Yellow that we manufacture for this customer. We have had the pleasure of working with them for many years, and our aim is always to assist them in every way possible.  

The History

A small business much like our own, they take pride in the work they do and strive to achieve product performance at its highest. Located just across town, facilitation of quick service and delivery of the product would not be an issue; to achieve the performance they desire while using only in-house products and no specialty pigments requires a set of skills Marcus Paint is well equipped for the challenge!  

While they have used a similar product in the past, for this project, they needed a higher-performing product that needed to achieve optimal hiding in fewer applied coats. This project required large posts to be coated, but because of the size they are difficult to handle and as a result more laborious to add additional coats of paint. 

The Know-How:

The initial request from the customer stated to “increase pigment” in the batch. After consulting with our lab, they informed us certain products, namely yellows are inversely affected by increasing the pigment alone. By saturating the batch with excessive pigment, it affects the viscosity and application quality, without addressing the need for improved hiding. Therefore, additional formulation work was necessary.  

The Solution:

To solve this dilemma, our lab and production team tweaked an existing formulation for increased sag resistance. Sag resistance is the paint’s ability to resist drooping or running of the material off the applied surface before having time to set and cure. The ratio of intermediary substances was adjusted for a 1:1 mixture. This achieved extremely good hiding and in panel testing, was able to achieve improved hiding and mil thickness in two coats instead of four.  

The Marcus Way:

We received the request to manufacture this material on January 17th and were able to hit the target completion date of January 26th a day early. Curating custom solutions to customer problems is a cornerstone of The Marcus Way. Without our long-standing relationships and the trust of our customers, none of what we do today would be possible. Without great customers, Marcus Paint Company would not be 170 years old! 

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