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Top Reasons to Work for a Smaller Company

Not sure a smaller company is a good career move for you? There’s plenty of research to support that it can be.

Misconceptions exist that employees of smaller businesses don’t receive the same levels of benefits access. The numbers tell a different story, even for businesses in the fewer than 50 employees category1:

  • 51% offer medical plan access.
  • 47% have 401(k) style plans.
  • More than two-thirds of the companies provide paid vacation and holidays.

So if bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, here are even more reasons why you should consider your next career at a smaller company:

  • It’s easier to be recognized for your efforts. There is truth in the saying of being a “big fish in a small pond”. Your contributions will get noticed by others much more quickly.
  • There’s more opportunity to obtain different work experiences and gain new skills. This is when you wear the proverbial “different hats”.  Your involvement and exposure to areas outside your official role have undeniable benefits. 
  • You’ll enjoy greater flexibility. The focus is on the individual, instead of sticking to policy and precedent. Flexibility can also mean casual work environments, alternative schedule arrangements, and relaxed dress codes.
  • You’ll work more closely with your supervisor and senior leaders.  Smaller sizes and fewer management layers create the ability to connect more easily and develop strong relationships.
  • Owners will make decisions with you in mind. Small, privately-owned businesses have more autonomy in their decision-making and listen to their employees’ opinions.

Using the knowledge and experiences you’ve gained at a small business; you can tap into your full potential to create a greater trajectory for future career growth and professional development.

If that’s not enough to convince you yet, consider these survey results from Aflac’s 2018 Small Business Survey2.  Of the 1,000 participants: 

  • 55% agree employee happiness is very important to their company’s leadership team.  
  • Most employees are satisfied working for a smaller company – with 59% as very satisfied and another 36% as somewhat satisfied.
  • About 9 out of 10 employees felt they have the opportunity to share their ideas and opinions – and then also felt they were listened to.
  • 87% agree it is more fun to work at a small business.

Don’t miss out on what could be your best career move by overlooking the benefits of working for a smaller company. Please visit our Careers Page as we’re always looking for outstanding talent to join our team.


2 https://www.aflac.com/business/resources/aflac-for-small-businesses/happiness-report/default.aspx 

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