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Website Spotlight – Katrina Chaney

As the Customer Service/Sales Support Manager, Katrina Chaney oversees the interaction and communication for customer service and sales support activities.  In addition, she is responsible for purchasing functions and partners with IT consultants for the company’s security and software needs. Katrina has been with Marcus Paint for almost 17 years, beginning in June 2006 as a Customer Service Rep before moving into her current role.

 After 17 years at Marcus, I have seen and experienced a great deal.  What I find exciting, always comes back to the basics – helping customers to solve issues.  It can be as simple as solving paperwork confusion and shipping issues or as complex as helping with product quality.  Sometimes the issue is just identifying the right contact person. Talking with plant or quality managers and floor supervisors can give us accurate information to make better decisions.  Our entire team is here to provide a high level of service allowing every customer’s paint lines to run optimally and be supplied with paint.  A customer once stated to consider their paint line and employees as an extension of MPC.  That has resonated with me and influenced the way I work with internal as well as external customers. 

I enjoy our work culture derived from being immersed in a family-owned business.  I have experience with my family’s farm so I understand how family-owned businesses can be challenging at times. The great thing about family is we always pull together in times of need, both professionally and personally.  This stands true at Marcus Paint from the owners and leadership where their employees are concerned.  Our size makes us a close-knit community – we are invested in our employees and their families’ lives. This philosophy transcends in the same way to our customers. We are here to help whether the call comes in at 9 AM or 9 PM. Our team pulls together to find a solution for our customers’ needs. This isn’t always product-driven, sometimes it is sending help because mother nature has wreaked havoc on their facilities or homes.

One of our core values is having fun so we look for different ways to socialize and build personal connections.   We celebrate birthdays, company anniversaries, team-building activities, and social events outside the office. You never know when a game of cornhole at lunch might start up, or we head to Ehlers for an afternoon ice cream field trip!

For those who have never considered a career in the paint industry, I would highly recommend doing so!  It’s an ever-changing and expanding industry.  Watching paint dry may not sound interesting but it’s full of so many processes such as product research, testing, formulating, and application methodologies. When you consider how we identify the properties and reactive qualities of paint – that creates multiple opportunities for learning, growth, and collaboration which I find very exciting. Being the small fish in a big pond that can show the big boys how it’s done with service and a quality product is very rewarding!

As we welcome new employees to the organization, the best advice I can give someone is to learn as much as you can, do your best, don’t be afraid to ask questions and get to know your fellow employees.  It isn’t always going to be easy, but you’ll reap the rewards that are worth it.

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